Yarn Haul!

Happy weekend everyone!

So I got a chance to shop at the Hobby Lobby that just recently opened near me and wow, they really have some great stuff! I literally walked back and forth in between the two aisles of yarn for so long that my husband left to go to another store, made his purchase, then came back and said "ok, wrap it up." ;-P

It had been a while since I last shopped at a Hobby Lobby since I would have to make an hour's drive, so I was impressed with all the new yarn that I hadn't seen before, especially the store brand yarns!

I don't know about you, but I have to touch EVERY SINGLE ONE. There was so much squishy, colorful, fuzzy, shiny yarn candy I probably spent an hour (yes, ridiculously enough) touching everything trying to make my selections.

Here's what I got:


So I've been wanting to try Lion Brand's Shawl in a Ball for a while so I should have a design whipped up for it soon, the colors are soooo pretty! I sometimes think that the yarn snobs out there shy away from store brand yarns but Hobby Lobby really has some great stuff. While I didn't bring home everything I wanted to I will be going back to get some more novelty yarns to play with. Just look at those colors though!

I previously usedI Love This Yarn! for my Gamer Jacket and it worked wonderfully!

It doesn't pill very much, is super soft and very durable.

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