New Pattern/Yarn Review/Knit Vs. Crochet

Well, my little experiment is complete with my scarfs. I present you my One Winged Dove!


Knitted Version

Knitted Version

To start with, Knitting this scarf took way longer than crocheting it. I think it took about a week and a half to knit this and only two days to crochet. I'm sure a lot of that has to do with the fact that I'm not a super fast knitter, but I'm definitely not slow. After I got into the stitch pattern there was a nice fluidity about it, but it still takes longer to make than crochet.


Crocheted Version

Crocheted Version

I think I did a pretty good job getting the stitch patterns as similar as possible and I was surprised that they were almost the exact same size! The only difference was that the wide end in the knitted version was, well, wider.

They're actually the same length!

They're actually the same length!

All in all I think you do get a little more bang for your buck with knitting, but its way more time consuming than crochet. 

 Lion Brand's Shawl in a Ball is a really great yarn.

Its a cotton/acrylic blend that has awesome texture and beautiful colorways. Each of the scarfs I made used up the whole ball, and at 8.99-9.99usd its a good value.

It has this slight thick/thin texture going on which is a little more obvious when you crochet with it.


Well it says its a worsted weight but it leans more towards a mix of fingering weight and sport weight yarn. I'm sure the company chose to call it worsted due to the texture, but there are times where its as thin as thread.

Make sure you roll this into a ball or cake or it WILL fall apart on you (given you start from the outside)

This really isn't a con, but I wouldn't recommend the washing machine, just wet blocking it (my preferred method) made it fuzzier.


Would I knit with this yarn again? Maybe, but probably not. (it took forever!)

Crochet? Absolutely!

About my new Pattern, I have created a download that includes instructions for both the knit and crocheted version of this scarf. If you act now you can get it for $1 today only in my Ravelry shop!

If you're curious about knitting and want to learn how, head on over to the Craft Yarn Council website and they should have everything you need to get you started!