Pop Super Scarf

I hadn't been able to find any self-striping yarn cakes until I came across Bernat's Pop Yarn and was wondering what I could do with just one skein. Each cake has 280 yards, and I wanted to see how far I could make this yardage stretch.  I broke out my large knitting needles and came up with this!


So how far did the yarn stretch? WIth the scarf over my neck it almost touches the floor! I combined yarn overs and dropped stitches to make a color-blocked super scarf.

I used size 17/12.5mm knitting needles and boy is there a reason why yarns have suggestions because after blocking the dropped stitches got a little wonky.


If you don't like the idea of using large needles, recommended ones will still yield a lovely result.



CO 23

Row 1: K6, P6, K6, P5

Row 2: K5, P6, K6, P6

Row 3-5: Rep rows 1-2 then rep row 1

Row 6: (K, yo twice) across

Row 7: K across dropping all yarn overs

Row 8: P5, K6, P6, K6

Row 9: P6, K6, P6, K5

Row 10-12: Rep rows 8-9 then rep row 8

Rows 13-14: Rep rows 6-7

Rep rows 1-14 to desired length ending at Row 5 or 12

Bind off as follows:

(BO 5, drop a stitch) 3 times, BO 5.

Pull out the dropped stitches all the way down the scarf and block.