Boxy Tee- Free Pattern!

Well this is probably my second ever knitted garment and while I'm trying to up my game and work on my knitting skills I figured I can offer you guys a Not so perfect but completely adjustable and simple pattern.

As you can see even though I WET-BLOCKED the pieces they still curled up at the edges, which I don't mind so much at the top but the bottom is driving me insane. I may have to give it another try or find a different blocking method.


You can find this yarn  Here

You can find this yarn Here

* Not an affiliate link*

(I just found this at my local Wal-mart and the colors knit up quite nicely in my opinion)

There is no shaping to worry about, this is just T-shaped garment.

Sizes Small (Medium, Large)

Bernat Softee Baby Colors 2 (2, 3) Balls in Blue Rainbow (3 lightweight yarn, approximately 600-800 yds)

Size 8 Needles


17 sts= 4” in stockinette st


Stockinette st= K 1 row, P next row

K= Knit


YO= Yarn Over

K2Tog= Knit 2 Together

BO= Bind off


Top is meant to be loose fitting

Gauge rows are not needed as the pattern is made measuring as you work.

Sleeves are 3” in length for each size so adjust as wanted being sure that after you bind off the sleeves the remaining stitches are a multiple of 6

The bottom lace part is optional and could be worked throughout entire top if desired.


Pattern (make 2)

CO 90 (102, 114) 

Row 1: K across

Row 2: P across

Continue in Stockinette St until piece measures 7 (7.5, 8) “ in lengthending on a P row

Next row: BO 12 (knit wise), K across

Next Row: BO 12 (purl wise), P across.

Continue in Stockinette st until piece measures 12-14” in length or until you would like to start the lace pattern.

Lace Pattern

Row 1: K 3, yo, K2tog, (K5, yo, K2tog) across ending with K 3

Row 2: P

Row 3: K 4, yo, K2 tog, (K5, yo, K2tog) across ending with K2

Row 4: P

Row 5: (K5, yo, K2tog) across ending with K1

Row 6: P

Continue in Lace pattern Until Piece Measures approximately 24” or to desired length

Bind off Knit wise.

Block pieces.

Holding the two pieces together with the purl side facing you. Seam sides and underarms

Seam top shoulders leaving a 10-12” neck opening


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